Everything indicates that we have a problem of low productivity. But, alas, what really that productivity means? In the IT field, low productivity can mean two very serious things: 1 - Waste of time and 2 - Rework. Of course one thing leads to another. Many people leave to address a demand at the last minute, because he was plagued by rework (previous deliveries poorly done) and of course the new delivery will be reworked later! Biscuits are baked because they sell more or because they are baked? And the backlog just keeps growing. Have you seen this movie before? I doubt not! Again, multiply this fact by thousands of companies and thousands of employees and have a hell of national backlog!

To spice up the situation, we have big events (not deferrable), which will require technological solutions that really should work and we will be the showcase of the world. What we want from such a photo showcase? I understand that our future as a nation will depend a lot on this photo.

You, standing with a smile of Mona Lisa at the moment, look around and agrees that something must change. But what? Politics, business, your business?

The bad news is "nothing like that". The good news is "You". Ask yourself, who works hard all day and reworks hell. If you want to improve your quality of life, and grow professionally, you will have to incorporate some practices (very old) in your modern life style. If you cannot change the whole situation certainly can improve behaviors of your surroundings (we call it halo). All take risks all the time, but many are also in danger. Danger of wrong doing, being fired, to rework, talking nonsense, danger legal, tax, etc. Taking risks is good, since the greater the risk the greater the reward (believe is a Murphy's Law!). But not in danger, it does not. The magic word that separates risk of danger is planning.

Planning is a rational empirical method that allows you to study the problem from various angles and prepare viable answers. Including all, unexpected things and have a treatment risks, avoiding hazards (you really need to avoid!). Plan your career, business plan, design plan, relationships plan and etc. Behaviors are increasingly demanded in our connected world and showcase it in full, which will separate who's ahead, who for the time and who stays behind.

Grab one of these plans up there just to illustrate: a career.

How much time you invest in planning your career? Do you delegate it to your business?

Dear reader, you manage your career, you work for it. It sustains you and gives you future (good or bad). It's Only up to you to plan and execute your career that is attractive to businesses. Ever heard of high employability? So, your promotion depends on this or that company's attractiveness (Laws of Attraction). Oh you say, but much rework, do not have time to think about my career. Well, then there is a turning point. This move changes the corporate behavior. And do not expect immediate results. So strategically planning your career is fundamental and goes through some basic steps that are simple and easy..