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Thread: A Survey To Understand Cloud Computing.. What Do You Think About The Indian Market?

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    Default A Survey To Understand Cloud Computing.. What Do You Think About The Indian Market?

    In recent months, we have discussed several times about cloud computing and the ability to use it properly for what it currently is carried out with virtual / shared or dedicated solutions. Here is a series of topics to understand what is cloud computing and have a general idea on what users think about it. In particular I would like to dwell on the Indian market and understand how many of you are going to try cloud computing solution in the future and what you think about it! Feel free to respond to this survey and try to explain your vote if you like, in the comments!

    Thank you all for your input!
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    I believe that if infrastructure is well designed, a cloud is certainly better than a dedicated server. More reliable, less need for technical management, greater scalability. course, must be a real "Cloud" and now I see very few, given the cost of putting into production is also understandable. The problem is on the ISP side, if something crashes, the problem may affect a very large number of system (web sites, e-mail and other services), and recovery of large infrastructure also requires a long time. I think it will be much better in upcoming time.

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    Undoubtedly, a Cloud system brings many advantages. Of course it should be well structured and well monitored. Success of a cloud is determined by the whole infrastructure that it composes, if one of the components is not properly sized or unsuitable to the volumes that must endure, create a bottleneck and the whole cloud is affected. Should therefore be careful to lean to adequate, not to transform the experience of the cloud into a nightmare. Surely the benefits are many, such as scalability, or the ability to make use of computational power that you cannot reach with traditional dedicated physical individual, not to mention the redundancy (of course we are talking about well-designed structures and appropriate to the task they have to perform.) the market is moving a lot in this sense, and now vendors (including those of networking equipment) are increasingly enabling their products with cloud computing services.

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    I think that in the future the cloud will be something normal and common, a fact. But for now I think the cloud technologies are not yet mature and far removed from what they can become in the future. The real revolution will come when the hardware and the software will begin to be designed for the cloud, even starting from PC now. I imagine a new idea of computers, I imagine that in the future there will be a block where there is only the power supply and the motherboard with only one type of standard for everything, DDR RAM, HD, Processors, and I imagine that this little unit will have 10-20 default connectors to which you can attach Ram, HD, Processors, Audio Unit, Graphics Unit, and everything else, all exterior. In such a system, when you acquire a computer, actually you would buy it in pieces, many recyclable years (Processors, Memory, HD, Audio Unit, Graphics Unit), and even the central unit motherboard with power supply could last for a long time. In such a system, you should not change your computer every time, add enough more powerful units for configuration / computer suit your demanding as 10 processors (Maybe even multicore), several HD graphics units. Computer fanatics would like this, you may enhance your computer indefinitely, simply by purchasing new units of all types, including processors. Nevertheless we are very far from this idea, the idea of the cloud will probably develop this concept for computer in the server and then for the home other than as it happened in the past.

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    The 90% of companies save costs with cloud computing services

    According to a new survey, nine out of 10 companies agree that the move to the cloud has resulted in cost savings. According to survey data, cloud computing saves money, helps increase competitiveness and offers exciting opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

    For the preparation of this survey, over 1,300 companies were analyzed through interviews with the executives of these companies. 88% of these said they had saved money through the use of the cloud, and had improved the efficiency of their infrastructure, thus being able to focus on strategy and innovation.

    On the other hand, 56% of respondents said, cloud computing had increased company profits, while just under half (49%) believe that cloud computing has helped to grow their business.

    How Not surprisingly, the survey confirms that larger firms are more prone to use the cloud to SMEs . Two out of three organizations said they would focus further on its cloud strategy, compared with 58% of SMEs.

    The study demonstrates the significant impact that cloud computing is helping in gaining the businesses. It is particularly interesting that, despite the current economic climate, the half of the businesses on both sides of the pond have actually increased their profits and are growing their business through the use of the cloud.

    However, companies around the world are taking advantage of this potential. Nevertheless, the adoption of the cloud is bound to grow across all industries and in all sizes of companies.
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